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Stefan Brandt's origins run back to 1993, but it was in the 2001 that it moved away from contract work for other brands, expanding his own brand Stefan Brandt under the leadership of chairman and creative director Stefan Brandt.  The company in Germany is today run by his brother Thomas Brandt, operating from Frankenberg, Hessen.



Stefan Brandt represents more than two decades of crafts and innovation expertise and is nowadays known by more than 100 retail clients in D-A-CH –USA for its surprising unique sales propositions. As a material scientist and designer, Stefan Brandt, brought the common textile procedures and techniques into question. His innovations are now considered as a revolution in the T-Shirt market.




The T-Shirts and Polos of Stefan Brandt reach its highest level of sophistication, famous above all for its in-house gentle manual processes and ecologically-friendly “prefit treatment" which endow unreached quality characteristics to every garment that leaves the factory.  

The maxim of Stefan Brandt was, is and will always be: How can we realize the most perfect - not necessarily the most economic - item possible.  From these ideals emerge probably the "best t-shirt of the world”, due to its extraordinary physical characteristics.


So what is it that makes Stefan Brandt a premier luxury T-Shirt maker? Stefan Brandt is one of the only apparel brands that has completely vertically integrated the process. With its mill partners, Stefan Brandt buys the raw materials finest Pima Cotton , regular and organic  - which comprises 100% of its collection. Stefan Brandt uses Pima cotton because it is the finest, extra long staple cotton that can be used to make T-Shirts. The cotton yarn from Peru is being transported to the own plant in Ecuador for weaving and dyeing and a special gentle a 15 step finishing process, which converts the pima fabrics in something never seen before. Due to elaborate handmade techniques and an "organic prefit-treatment” (of water, vapor and heat in a closed system at 130 degrees, without use of any chemicals), Stefan Brandt achieves a number of unique characteristics and points of difference never seen before in the fashion industry. This finishing in Ecuador is the critical part what makes the shirts so special.
As a main result, the shirts have an unreached elasticity and dimension stability, do not shrink in the dryer at highest temperatures and even dark colors can be washed at 95°C without any (visible!) fading. The extraordinary natural elasticity and recovery is due to gentle manual techniques, which avoid localized stress fields and distensions in the fabric at any moment in all processes. This microscopic stress field reduction can be felt immediately, when wearing the "unstressed" shirt.


Stefan Brandt’s finishing process takes 1-2 weeks extra time and also reduces the raw materials production capacity, but provide authentic unique sales propositions and set new bench marks in the shirt market. The techniques are ecologically friendly and representative of Stefan Brandt’s standards and commitment to being green.


The company is also known for paying attention to any details, from precise fitting designs and “Italian” button holes, to sewing yarns dyed tone on tone with the fabric. Thanks to outstanding craftsmanship, sophisticated fits and nurtured fabric elasticity, the shirts cling perfectly to the body, even without elastane and thus all styles stay dimensionally stable also after washing.
Due to the extra long staple pima cotton (“south american silk”) the garments is practically wrinkle free.  

The company has been introducing innovative techniques regularly since 1994 and is considered to have an advantage of quality of aprox. 15 years.
The last innovations of Stefan Brandt happened from 2013-2015, when he started to apply his innovative manual and prefit treatments also to woven fabrics (pima cotton, linen, silk) expanding the “new era of comfort” now to finest blouses and dress shirts with its launch in autumn 2015.

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