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Stefan Brandt products are a commitment to ecological sustainability and in doing so, are a luxury that one can enjoy with peace of mind.

Ecology and Sustainability


„Since the beginning of 1994 Stefan Brandt has been exclusively using natural and recycled materials. In his PREFIT-treatment with water, vapor and heat, without chemical additives, the last "loose" color pigments and pollutants are removed from the material. The shirts achieve excellent material properties during this elaborate treatment, and at the same time they are very skin-and environmentally friendly and even ideal for allergy sufferers.“


Peruvian pima cotton is called the silk of South America dut to its extra-long fiber lengths (30-35 mm). Unlike many commercial varieties of cotton, Peruvian pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand. That is more environmentally friendly and damages of the fiber and the yellowish tints that occur during machine harvesting are avoided.


Stefan Brandt breaks with the usual procedures of most manufacturers worldwide and strictly avoids machines in the handling of the fabrics during all processes, to avoid any distensions in any given moment. In the textile industry, natural elasticity is harmed whenever fabrics are stretched by machines (for example to a uniform width to get a maximum number of articles out of it). Stefan Brandt avoids these machines during the in-house PREFIT-treatment (washing, drying, rolling up, unrolling, folding etc. of the fabric) and replaces it with time-consuming MANUAL PROCESSES. There is no other technical way to avoid creating localized stress fields and distensions in the fabric. Before the final cutting the fabrics are allowed to relax for 1 day. These extraordinarily time-consuming processes reduce the raw materials production capacity and efficiency, but are indispensable for us to achieve the level of quality perfection we aspire to. The maxim of Stefan Brandt was, is and will always be: How can we realize the most perfect - not necessarily the most economic- item possible.


The PREFIT-TREATMENT with water, vapor and heat, without chemical additives, brings about our unique selling points: Dryer-proof and colorfast at the highest temperatures up to at 95° C . In this process, in a closed system at 130 degrees celsius, remaining "loose" pigments and pollutants from the substances are dissolved in the course of about 3 hours. With the result, that even after extended wear and sweating the product remains fresh, as no contaminants and pigments are available in knitted fabrics, which could occur with the body sweat in a decomposition reaction. Our combination of Oeko-Tex 100 dyes (Switzerland) with the elaborate PREFIT-TREATMENT thus provides a human-ecologically precious knits that for people with sensitive skin and is ideal even for people with allergies.

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